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About Us

DealsHelp LLC, is a company that specializes in providing information tools to the commercial mortgage banking industry. We developed DealsHelp during 2002-2003, and it has been in use by multiple commercial mortgage banking companies throughout the U.S., EMEA and APAC since early 2004.

DealsHelp was designed by Producer for Producers. It gives you the power of sharing real-time quotes among all producers and offices to know exactly what is going on in the capital markets.

Dealshelp is used frequently by our customers to show the depth of their market knowledge and the volume of deals with various lenders. It is a great tool to pull statistical and competitive information for pitches with your clients.

DealsHelp can be a great tool within your company. It is adaptable for use by small companies with few offices and producers as well as by nation-wide companies with hundreds of producers. Your company can utilize a proven commercial mortgage banking information system with minimum effort to get it started. Many companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and several years to develop systems that don't work as well or deliver as much.

DealsHelp is a cloud web-based information system. No need to install special software, all you need is a web browser and connectivity to the Internet. We host DealsHelp for you, that way you do not have to worry about what server to buy, who will be supporting it inside of your company, etc. We create an environment unique and totally private to your company and provide you with a link - that’s it. You are ready to go. We do everything for you!

Why DealsHelp?

- Designed by producers for producers
- Share real-time quotes among all offices/producers
- Share market comparable data
- Turnkey solution fully supported by developers
- No need to buy servers or software licenses
- Very intuitive an easy to use
- Highly customizable to your needs: new fields/new reports created in minutes.
- Your business needs are incorporated immediately
- No IT support required
- Producers that have used it, love it!
- Extensive experience developing interfaces to/from your corporate systems
- Main emphasis on sharing: deals, real-time quotes, lenders and contacts
- Direct feed of interest rates every five minutes: Treasuries, Swaps, Libor & Prime
- It provides secure access to your information from any computer connected to the Internet via SSL certificates from Verisign

With DealsHelp you can

- Maintain your Lenders database up to date
- Organize your Lenders database by: Lender Type, Property Type, Deal Type, Markets, etc.
- Keep track of all Contacts within each Lender
- Track specific information about programs and policies within each Lender
- Collaborate with other producers, analysts, or production coordinators about deals status, market information and capital sources.
- Share knowledge, market trends, and strategies in real-time with all team members
- Keep track of all your deals
- Create deal teams for each deal
- Create and track quotes and prepare quote comparisons for your clients
- Create marketing logs/call sheets for your deals
- Capture multiple Quotes for each Deal
- Analyze Quotes to choose the best option for your clients
- Review/Analyze market trends
- Allocate Fees among multiple producers/offices
- Generate Pipeline Reports: by office, by producer, by lender, by property type, by lender type, by deal type, etc
- All reports are 100% customized to your company
- Consolidated Pipeline and Management reports
- Revenue Analysis
- Synchronize Outlook Contacts
- Generate statistics for MBA reporting
- Access lenders, contacts and deals on the road with the smart phone version

The Architects

DealsHelp is the result of the knowledge and experience of Enrique Culebro and Dick Cole. Working together, they envisioned and developed a system of tools tailored to the needs of commercial mortgage bankers.

Dick Cole has been in the Commercial Real Estate industry for more than 30 years and is very well known and respected by many individuals in the industry. He has extensive experience in providing information and tools to mortgage bankers that enhance their ability to solicit, process and close transactions. He was a part of Holliday Fenoglio for many years and developed their well known information sharing system.

Enrique Culebro has been an IT professional for more than 25 years. He has managed and developed systems from mainframes to PCs; from single user to systems utilized in several countries by hundreds of people. Prior to founding DealsHelp, he worked for: Hewlett Packard and Compaq. He also developed projects for Shell Trading, PetroBras, CenterPoint Energy, and Reliant Energy as SAP and IT consultant. He worked with Dick Cole in the development of the systems at Holliday Fenoglio.

Dick and Enrique envisioned a new system for mortgage bankers that could be delivered and used via the Internet without a major outlay of time or money. We are advocates of mutual cooperation in our business as a means to create the synergy that gets more deals done. The concept we envision is to assist DealsHelp customers in working together and sharing information to efficiently close deals.

DealsHelp Mobile

DealsHelp also provides access to critical information via your smart phone. DealsHelp Mobile has been designed specifically to take advantage of your phone capabilities. We support iPhone and Android. If you are constantly on the road, you are not out of touch anymore!

Interfaces from/to your existing corporate systems

We have extensive experience developing interfaces to extract information from DealsHelp and send it to your corporate systems, or vice-versa. Either way, you can rest assured that whatever information needs to be passed to keep your systems in sync, will be in place by the time we install DealsHelp in your organization. The complexity of these interfaces may impact the time to install DealsHelp, but it will be a matter of weeks, not months. It may also impact the cost, but this is only at the beginning of the project to develop and write all the necessary code. Once DealsHelp is up and running, the cost to maintain, monitor and support the interfaces would be included in the monthly fee.

The Technical Stuff

DealsHelp was developed with a platform that allows us to react immediately to your business needs, putting the enhancements and modifications in the hands of producers in a matter of minutes.

- Access via your PC, iPad or any tablet. Mobile version accessible via iPhone & Android.
- Average 1M hits per month per customer site
- Server infrastructure is fully redundant to eliminate downtime
- 99.99% up time for more than seventeen years even during hurricanes
- SSL Encryption – 2048 bits to ensure data security - Verisign certificate
- Ability to export to Excel almost any report
- Advanced Search results can be generated in Excel

We fully support the following browsers:
- Google Chrome
- Mozilla Firefox
- Microsoft Edge
- Opera
- Safari (for Mac users)

Typical Implementation

How long does it take? 2 to 4 weeks from the date we receive our Excel templates fully populated with your data: Lenders, Contacts, Deals (in process plus 2-3 years of history), Employees and Keywords.

These are the high level activities:
- Create unique environment for your company in our production servers
- We provide Excel templates for: Lenders, Contacts, Deals in progress and History (2-3 years), Employees and Keyword
- You populate the Excel templates and send them back to us. We use these files to perform the initial load of your environment.
- On-line training sessions for your producers, analysts, admins. As many as required
- UserID/Passwords distribution
- Go Live!

Let DealsHelp fill your needs without a big demand on your time or your wallet.
Better information and better tools can mean more deals closed for your company.

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