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John Fenoglio - Executive Vice President - CBRE Capital Markets Debt & Structure Finance
Dick Cole and I designed the forerunner to Dealshelp in the 1980’s at Holliday Fenoglio. Our motivation was to create an investor database that would provide real time market knowledge for our producers. We added features over the years that included help requests, real time interest rates, real time quotes, current and past years production statistics, quote matrixes for borrower clients and profile sheets on all the lenders. We found it be an invaluable tool and saw several side benefits. It pulled a national production sales force together by arming them with the best market intelligence available and helped the brand with a common level of expertise for all offices with data supplied by the producers. With the advent of laptops and tablets it became a marketing tool with borrowers at their offices by showing our market expertise. After we formed Live Oak Capital as a boutique mortgage banker we advocated for the use of Dealshelp in our Strategic Mortgage Alliance(“SAM”) so that independent firms had the same competitive advantages as national firms. I cannot think of a better and user friendly  production enhancing system available for our industry and firms that are not using it are depriving themselves of one of the most productive and team building tools in the business.

Treak Tasker - President - Holliday American Mortgage - SAM
Our SAM group has had DealsHelp for fourteen years. We were the first implementation to have the platform designed for a large group at the insistence of fellow founding member, John Fenoglio of Live Oak Capital. It’s been an extremely productive tool for the production arm of SAM allowing users to trade and share information that make them effectively compete locally from information gained from its members on a national scale.

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